Gettin’ real tired of your ish, Tumblr/Yahoo. 
You guys are hypocrites. You came in here saying you wanted to make it friendlier for younger users yet you continually advertise creepy, horror, related stuff and rated R movies through the forms of gifs and stills that aren’t even close to being friendly towards younger users. (I’m 21 and I don’t like seeing them because they scare me)
Your double standard BS is getting on my last nerve. Whenever I think you guys are going to do what you actually said you would do and make it friendly, you pull this grade A crap by forcing images onto MY dashboard that I don’t want to see!
At the very least you should be giving people an option to opt out of horror related advertisements. 



Eyyyy ok, Giveaway time for this guy. I want to keep him but I really shouldn’t be making more plushies. 

He’s made of cuddle fleece, has vinyl scales and adjustable wings. I’m not taking commissions for this guy right now, so this is probably your only chance to get a plush like this from me. (unless you’re willing to pay a lot of money ahaaahahahah but really)

Giveaway rules

-Like and reblogs

-If INTL winner, must be able to pay a shipping fee

-Winner will be contacted via ask box 

-Don’t have to follow me to win

-Giveaway ends Sept. 30th at 11PM EST